SHOWING UP: a conversation about the audition

A Conversation About The Audition
"Finally, a documentary about auditioning." -


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You or your organization pick a date and venue (theater, classroom, community center, house party) for a screening and post film discussion. You apply for the public viewing rights (a licensing fee is required).

You receive:

  • A SHOWING UP DVD screener
  • Discussion materials
  • Promotion of your event on our twitter and facebook pages
  • Rights to use the film for fundraising if you choose (all of the proceeds go to your organization!)
Ideas for your experience:

Regional Theaters-

Invite your subscribers to attend your SHOWING UP screening or fundraiser and encourage the conversation to expand beyond artists. Arrange for your cast members or theater group to talk about their own audition experiences. Audience members rarely hear how actors are cast and actors rarely get to share that side of the process. Your non-actor audience members will find parallels to their professions as well; take a look at some of quotes on our homepage.

House Parties-

Invite your guests to share their own audition stories on tape and post them on SHOWING UP’s facebook page. We’d love to hear your stories!

To host a screening or for more information contact